The Center of Excellence for Clean Energy produces curriculum as a deliverable for grants and projects.

WISE Grant

This DOL TAACCCT grant funded project brings together the clean energy, advanced manufacturing and construction sectors to prepare participants for employment in entry level, pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship occupations. The grant funded materials are available at and include course materials and grant support materials.

Smart Grid

Two versions of Smart Grid learning modules (PowerPoint slides) which cover similar material were created under this project. The courses, which were funded by the Department of Energy and produced through a collaboration of consumer and investor-owned utilities, the Bonneville Power Administration, the Pacific Northwest National Lab, and community colleges and universities, are available for educators, trainers, and anyone wishing to view them.



Substation and Distribution Automation

A series of 10 narrated learning modules (PowerPoint slides) creates this Substation and Distribution Automation course. The course, which was funded by the Department of Energy and produced through a partnership between Washington State University and University of Washington, is available for educators, trainers and anyone wishing to view it.

Energy Management Curriculum

Background: This grant is a partnership between Edmonds Community College, Cascadia Community College, Washington State University Energy Program, and the Pacific Northwest Center of Excellence for Clean Energy. One of the objectives of this grant is to establish and disseminate industry-identified skills-based training options supporting energy efficiency related industries. To this end, the project researchers convened an Industry & Labor Taskforce which identified the need for two sets of skill profiles: energy project/program management and commercial building analysis. These occupational categories were identified because industry perceives a need for training in the skills needed for success in these areas. View the skill sheets and course development resources here.