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Washington is the top U.S. producer of electricity from hydroelectric sources and accounted for 28% of the nation’s annual utility-scale hydroelectricity generation in 2018. Hydroelectric power typically accounts for more than two-thirds of Washington’s electricity generation. In 2018, hydropower accounted for 69% of the state’s net generation. (Source: eia.gov)

Hydroelectric Careers


Washington’s first utility-scale (greater than one-megawatt) wind project came online in 2001, and development of Washington’s wind resources, particularly along the Columbia Gorge, has continued. More than 1,700 wind turbines with about 3,100 megawatts of capacity make wind power the second-largest contributor to the state’s renewable generation. (Source: eia.gov)

Wind Careers


Only a small amount of electricity is generated from solar energy in Washington. However, the state’s first utility-scale solar PV project came online in 2018, and a 180-megawatt solar farm is scheduled to come online in 2020 on the site of the state’s last coal mine, which closed in 2006. (Source: eia.gov)

Solar Careers


Washington benefits from access to abundant low-cost energy, and Washington’s significant renewable energy resources, especially hydroelectric power, are a major contributor to the state’s economy. (Source: eia.gov) Delivering that energy to the end user is the task of our distribution network.

Distribution Careers

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Whether you’re interested in a career in Washington’s powerful hydroelectric field, seek opportunities in wind power, would rather lead the charge in solar or deliver reliable power across the region in distribution, we’ve made it easy to explore clean energy careers. Click a category tag to view related careers, or view the complete list below.

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