workers at hydro electric dam

Industry & Labor

The Center of Excellence for Clean Energy supports the energy industry by assisting in the development of skill standards and producing an annual best practices summit for energy and construction industries.

Skill Standards

The goal of the Energy Industry Skill Standards Project is to specify the critical work functions, key activities, performance indicators and knowledge, skills, and abilities an individual needs to succeed in certain energy-related occupations. The result of this project will support the development of new curriculum and the strengthening of existing curriculum in programs leading to certain careers in the energy industry.

Power Utility Training Consortium

The Power Utility Training Consortium was created in August 2015, as a partnership among power utility companies in the northwest that have a shared concern for future workforce development, quality and standards.

Energy & Construction Best Practices Summit

The Center of Excellence for Clean Energy and the Construction Center for Excellence present an annual Best Practices Summit, which brings together subject matter experts and industry representatives to share and disseminate important ideas that help build an energized future. For the past several years, the Summit has served as a symposium for energy/construction educators, industry, organized labor, and economic and workforce development representatives.