Founder, Energy Related Enterprise

Founders of energy related enterprises can start a wide variety of businesses in the energy industry. They typically have experience in the field and an idea to research or produce. Entrepreneurial ventures in this field can include: research into new technology, high tech manufacturing, support services to the energy industry, or consulting services. The career path for a Founder can vary greatly from person to person based on experience, connections, partners, and funding (whether self-funded or with investors).

Also known as: Entrepreneur, Businessman, Enterpriser, Industrialist

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Projected Opportunities

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Career Path

The career path to becoming a founder of energy related enterprise varies for every person. Some begin their careers as software designers or nuclear engineers for example, while others have experience as investors and CEOs prior to founding their own company.

founder, energy related enterprise career path

Training & Requirements


For a founder of energy related enterprises, there are no specific training requirements. However, successful entrepreneurs will typically have skills and abilities in a variety of areas. There are also 2- and 4-year business programs within the college system that focus on entrepreneurship.

Required Skills

    • Innovation
    • Project management
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Accounting


      • Create a business plan
      • Hire labor
      • Acquire resources and funding
      • Provide leadership and management for the business