Meter Technician

Meter technicians are often known by customers as the “face” of their utility company. Their work may involve installing, maintaining, and testing meters for customers as needed, as well as analyzing data for automated meters. Meter technicians work independently, traveling to meter locations and dealing with customers courteously and effectively. This is an entry-level, customer service position that has the potential for significant growth.

Also known as: Meter Reader, Field Technician, Meter Reading Clerk, Utility Service Worker, Meter Reader Inspector

Pay Scale

$60,450 in 2021 in WA

$45,720 in 2021 in U.S.


High School Diploma

Projected Opportunities

70 through 2030 in WA

1,600 through 2031 in U.S.

Career Path

A meter technician is an entry-level position often requiring a high school diploma. One of the opportunities for advancement includes meter technician lead, going on to become a meter technician supervisor. Another opportunity is to become a meter electrician apprentice, going on to become a journey-level electrician, and even further to meter electrician supervisor.

meter technician career path

Training & Requirements


The meter technician/meter reader position is an entry-level position typically located in the customer service department. Training is provided by the employer.

Required Skills

  • Willingness to work outside in all types of weather
  • Comfortable with computers and programs such as Microsoft Office
  • Customer service
  • Math and reading comprehension skills
  • Ability to work independently



    • Read electric consumption meters and enter data
    • Walk or drive vehicles to locations of meter dials
    • Inspect meters for unauthorized connections, defects, and damage
    • Upload meter readings onto office computers