Cybersecurity professionals are responsible for the protection of computer networks and information. They plan, implement, upgrade, and monitor security measures. This position is critical to the function of the company and many jobs require a bachelor’s degree. Cybersecurity professionals may also be involved with the design and implementation of security controls, respond to security breaches, and perform forensic investigations.

Also known as: Information Security Engineer, Cybersecurity Engineer, Information Security Analyst, Information Security Officer, Network Security Analyst

Pay Scale

$127,370 in 2021 in WA

$102,600 in 2021 in U.S.


Certificate, Associate’s, Bachelor’s

Projected Opportunities

2,030 through 2030 in WA

34,700 through 2031 in U.S.

Career Path

The career path for cybersecurity typically begins with education and an entry-level job such as an incident response analyst or risk analyst. Mid-level jobs include penetration tester, security engineer, or forensics analyst. From there, senior-level careers include chief information officer, chief information security officer, and executive cyber leadership.

Cybersecurity career path

Training & Requirements


Training for cybersecurity jobs can range from certifications to a bachelor’s degree depending on the employer and work you would like to do. Entry-level positions can be obtained with a certification and the career path depends on continuing education and upskilling. Top positions require a bachelor’s degree and many years of work experience.

Required Skills

  • Knowledge of computer and information security systems
  • Understanding of computer security principles
  • Comfortable with analyzing data or information
  • Knowledge of Linux OS distributions, Windows Server, or Windows Workstation


  • Assess the quality of security controls
  • Develop plans to safeguard computer files
  • Monitor current reports of viruses and update virus protection systems as needed
  • Perform risk assessments and execute tests of data processing systems