Hydroelectric Production Manager

The main manager of operations at hydroelectric power generation facilities are Hydroelectric Production Managers. They facilitate operations of the plant and employees, keeping the operation running smoothly. Maintenance and monitoring of plant equipment fall under their purview for safe and efficient plant operations.

Also known as: Hydroelectric Station Supervisor, Plant Manager, Power Plant Superintendent, Power Plant Supervisor, Power Project Manager

Pay Scale

$126,380 in 2021 in WA

$103,150 in 2021 in U.S.


High School Diploma, Bachelor’s

Projected Opportunities

180 through 2030 in WA

15,400 through 2031 in U.S.

Career Path

The career path to becoming a hydroelectric production manager begins with an entry-level job such as a customer service representative or helper. Advancement to a system operator begins as a trainee and can move up to a trainer. System operators can advance to senior power dispatcher and gain maintenance and supervisory experience before advancing to hydroelectric production manager.)

hydroelectric production manager career path

Training & Requirements


Many employers require a high school diploma and 5 or more years’ experience of progressive hydroelectric plant operation, maintenance, and supervision. The bulk of training occurs on-the-job, as you move from an entry-level position up through the company.

Required Skills

  • Comfortable with technology used in hydroelectric plants, as well as Microsoft suite and more
  • Communication skills with supervisors and subordinates; in-person, via email, or phone
  • Good judgement and decision making
  • Knowledge of hydroelectric power operations, system operations, and maintenance of systems


    • Direct operations, maintenance, or repair of hydroelectric power facilities
    • Identify and communicate power systems emergencies
    • Maintain records of facility operations, repairs, and maintenance
    • Monitor or inspect hydroelectric equipment, such as hydro-turbines, generators, or control systems