Gov. Jay Inslee in Tukwila on Tuesday announcing program that will provide instate rebates for low-income consumers who are buying or leasing electric vehicles. (Governor’s Office Photo)

An exciting new program with the WA Dept. of Commerce will launch is August, making EVs more affordable for low-income residents. Commerce director Mike Fong and Governor Jay Inslee announced the $45-million state program offering instant rebates for eligible residents purchasing or leasing an EV.

“Transportation is the biggest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and harmful air pollution,” Fong said. “It is important that people who live in our most-impacted communities, which tend to be urban and lower income, have access to cleaner transportation options, including the choice of EV ownership. These rebates can help many more people all across the state buy or lease an EV.”

To take advantage of the program, interested consumers will go to a dealer to learn about low-cost lease offers available. The dealer will need a signed attestation that the buyer meets the requirements of the program before deducting the applicable rebate amount from the cost. Estimated month lease costs could be as low as $56 a month depending on make, model, new vs. used, and lease vs. buy.

To learn more about the program visit the article here: Ready, set, drive electric: State instant rebate program to help more consumers choose electric vehicles – Washington State Department of Commerce