Washington Clean Energy Testbeds managing director Dr. Mike Pomfret describes his career to visiting STEM students from Mt. Rainier HS. (Photo credit: CEI)

The University of Washington’s Clean Energy Institute (CEI) has been collaborating over the past year with the Washington Alliance for Better Schools (WABS) to develop a tour of the CEI facilities that engages students and also demonstrates a variety of careers in clean energy.

CEI hosted a career tour for 16 students this past December, led by the Testbeds managing director and showcasing the various technologies available. Students were able to learn about the printer that makes flexible solar cells, testing equipment such as microscopes and solar simulators, and environmental testing chambers. Following the tour, CEI Education and Training Fellows led the students through a hands-on learning activity- using graphite pencils with either batteries or mini solar cells to light up LEDs. Students were also able to connect with other staff, researchers, and climate tech entrepreneurs before learning about the UW admissions process.

Read more about the career tour here: Helping K-12 students explore clean energy careers – Clean Energy Institute (washington.edu)