Jeremy Gall, Training and Development Manager at Avista, is the newest member of the Center’s advisory board. He leads the development, design and implementation of training programs for technical, apprenticeship and journey level utility crafts. Prior to Avista, Jeremy worked as an instructor/ trainer and manager at AT&T. His background includes setting up a ministry – a leadership training facility in Nairobi, Kenya – and serving as a nuclear power plant instructor with the U.S. Navy. “I’m looking forward to working with the Center of Excellence for Clean Energy,” Gall said. “The center represents the various members of the energy workforce pipeline and is looking to the future of the industry’s evolving needs. Being a part of the Center allows Avista to contribute to this future as well as benefit from the collaborative outcomes.” Jeremy’s staff includes five training coordinators who are responsible for managing training and development of more than 600 craft employees in electric generation, transmission and distribution, as well as gas transmission and distribution across three states (OR, WA, and Idaho). “Avista is filled with amazingly talented, collaborative and innovative people and has been an integral partner with the Center since 2008,” Executive Director Barbara Hins-Turner said. “Long-term advisory board member Mike Hanson retired in December. Mike’s leadership and vision was key to our successes. We’ll miss him and wish him happy travels! Welcome Jeremy.”

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