Washington State’s 2021 State Energy Strategy (SES) provides a roadmap for it to meet critical and ambitious energy and climate goals. Its approach is that energy transformation strategies must be grounded in the lived experiences of communities most at risk of environmental and economic harm, and the state models a commitment to this goal that is replicable and adaptable.

The SES has served as the touchstone and guiding document for Washington policymakers, and the Washington Legislature passed significant legislation reflecting recommendations from the 2021 strategy, including:

  • An economy-wide, cap-and-invest program with significant climate protections for overburdened communities
  • A clean fuel standard to reduce transportation emissions
  • Comprehensive environmental justice and energy equity requirements for state agencies
  • Authorization of multi-year rate plans and financial assistance for organizations that represent broad customer interests in regulatory proceedings
  • A planning directive for a zero-emissions transportation future

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