In power generation, hydrogen is one of the leading options for storing renewable energy and can be used in gas turbines to increase power system flexibility.

Four U.S. nuclear power plants will begin producing hydrogen as a clean energy source.

The DOE will be partnering with utilities on hydrogen demonstration projects at the nuclear plants. According to the DOE, a single 1,000 MW nuclear reactor could produce more than 150,000 metric tons of hydrogen each year. Ten nuclear reactors could provide about 1.5 million metric tons annually or 15% of current hydrogen produced in the United States.

The nuclear plants expected to ramp up hydrogen production are:

  • Nine Mile Point Nuclear Power Station (Oswego, NY)
  • Davis–Besse Nuclear Power Station (Oak Harbor, OH)
  • Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plant (Red Wing, MN)
  • Palo Verde Generating Station (Tonopah, AZ)

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