Peninsula College offers a new energy technology program!

The Energy and Innovation Entrepreneurship Certificate program prepares students for new venture planning, entrepreneurial start-up, social media marketing, and entrepreneurial finance. The program teaches students how to build a successful entrepreneurial venture from the ground up including analysis of an entrepreneurial mind set, market assessment, how to write a business plan, and innovative social media marketing strategies. This program is designed to allow students in Energy Technology and other innovation programs the opportunity to gain the knowledge and understanding of entrepreneurship.

Program Goals:
• The program encourages students to develop a roadmap to successful entrepreneurship and business ventures.
• The program provides up to date curriculum that adapts to entrepreneurial trends.
• The Peninsula College Energy and Innovation Entrepreneurship Certificate is significantly more cost effective than most private and public schools.

Career Opportunities:
Recent economic trends indicate a major increase in small business start-ups. Many successful entrepreneurs become employers. This program allows students in an energy or innovative program to add the entrepreneurship skills to their education to either start a small business or understand how to market an idea from start to finish.

Potential Positions:
• Small business owners perform a variety of tasks including business planning, sales, accounting, finance, and social media marketing.

Students Learning Outcomes (students will learn to):
• Write and present a business plan.
• Identify business start-up funding sources.
• Demonstrate an entrepreneurial mind-set and the skills required to be a successful entrepreneur.
• Analyze market trends and innovation for new opportunities.
• Work in teams to cultivate ideas into a working plan for an entrepreneurial venture.
• Apply critical thinking skills to entrepreneurial and new venture processes.
• Develop and market a business presence and webpage on the Internet.

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