The  Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Power and Energy Society (IEEE PES) Scholarship Plus Initiative provides multi-year scholarships and career experience opportunities to qualifying U.S. & Canadian electrical engineering undergraduate students. As long as the scholar continues to meet renewal standards, he or she will receive up to three years of funding — US$2,000 the first year, $2,000 the second year and $3,000 the third year — interspersed with up to two years of valuable, hands-on career experience. Applications are accepted March – June every year.

Since 2011, 549 scholarships have been distributed to 364 individuals from 137 universities across the US & Canada. Centralia College is the first community and technical college to boast the first two graduates receiving awards for two-year students transferring to a four-year college.  More than 100 companies have hired a PES Scholar for a full time or internship position.

Top Universities with PES Scholars
We would like to thank the faculty at all schools who have promoted the Initiative and encouraged students to apply! The following schools have been awarded the most scholarships since 2011:

  • Drexel University – 29 Total (9 in 2013)
  • State University of New York at Buffalo – 24 Total (7 in 2013)
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute – 24 (8 in 2013)
  • Arizona State University – 17 (5 in 2013)
  • University of Washington – 17 (7 in 2013)
  • South Dakota School of Mines and Technology -16 (5 in 2013)
  • Washington State University – 14 (9 in 2013)
  • South Dakota State University – 14 (4 in 2013)
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign – 13 (4 in 2013)
  • University of Kentucky – 11 (4 in 2013)
  • Kansas State University -10 (4 in 2013)
  • Centralia College (first 2-year college with award recipients) – 2 (2012, 2013)

PES Scholarship Plus Website & Facebook Page
We are very pleased to see that people are visiting the PES Scholarship Plus Initiative website.  Since September, we have had more than 8,000 individuals visit our website.  The pages most frequently reviewed include: (a) how the scholarship works, (b) about the scholarship, (c) university student resources and (d) about power engineering careers. PES Scholarship Plus Facebook page.

Internships & Opportunities
PES Scholars who would like to have their scholarship renewed for 2014/15 are required to obtain a career experience in support of their renewal application. Please let us know if your company has internship opportunities available so we can promote them to our PES Scholars.

If your company has not already done so, please register your company on the PES-Careers US & Canada Web site.  This site is designed to connect engineering students and recent graduates with employers offering internships and jobs.  Employers can post openings, and search for and read student profiles and resumes (such as those of the PES Scholars!). Students use PES-Careers to find those openings and to research companies. This is a free service for employers and students from PES.

Thank you for your Support
Thanks to our current donors, the Initiative has raised $5.2 million in less than three years. Donate to the IEEE PES Scholarship Plus Initiative by visiting our PES Scholarship Plus Initiative website.