Gov. Jay Inslee signed a historic climate change legislative package this week, during a three-stop tour through King County.

The governor signed the Climate Commitment Act, environmental justice legislation, a clean fuels standard and bills related to reducing Washington’s single-use plastic waste and hydrofluorocarbon pollution.

Inslee stopped at Shoreline Community College, where he signed his climate priorities package, composed of HB 1050, HB 1091 and SB 5126.

SB 5126, the Climate Commitment Act, will cap and reduce climate pollution and create revenue for climate investments to help Washington accelerate the transition to a clean energy infrastructure and economy.

The Climate Commitment Act ensures that Washington reduces pollution and invests in climate solutions, and does so in a way that:

  • Leverages the state’s innovative economy
  • Invests in a clean recovery, creates good-paying jobs
  • Cleans up the air
  • Reduces environmental disparities
  • Leaves a healthier state for future Washingtonians.

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