Your electricity could come from as far away as another state. Many communities are investigating how to reuse and capture more locally derived water to improve efficiency, decrease their dependence on water transported from long distances, and use less.

The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) is examining the concept of an energyshed, which has been referred to as an “area in which all power consumed within it is supplied within it.”

In contrast, a large portion of electricity​ using renewable sources is derived from other locations. EERE is looking at how locally generated renewable energy sources can offer communities energy independence, security, and resilience.

An energyshed considers an area’s energy generation – where it comes from geographically, as well as what type of resources are used and if there are opportunities to derive energy sources locally. Understanding the implications of implementing an energyshed management system may lead to a more efficient and resilient power system.

Congress directed the renewable power sector within the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy to develop and demonstrate an “energyshed” management system that addresses a discrete geographic area in which renewable sources currently provide a large portion of electric energy needs.

EERE is organizing a workshop on July 13-14, 2021, to obtain feedback on the concept of an energyshed and energyshed management system.

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