USEER 2023

In 2022, the energy workforce added nearly 300,000 jobs- the increase leading to more that 8.1 million jobs in the energy industry. According to the Department of Energy’s 2023 U.S. Energy and Employment Report (USEER), clean energy jobs grew 3.9% and outpaced overall U.S. employment, which increased 3.1% during the same time. The 2024 report is expected to show a similar trend of above-average growth in the industry. Some key statistics include:

  • Clean energy jobs increased in every state and grew 3.9% nationally.
  • The number of jobs in battery electric vehicles increased by 27%, the fastest growth of any energy technology.
  • Other technologies with double-digit growth include offshore wind, other grid modernization, coal fuel, natural gas fuel, petroleum, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and natural gas vehicles.
  • Clean energy electricity technologies, such as wind and solar, accounted for nearly 87% of net new electric power generation.
  • The number of women working in energy increased by more than 7.8%; over half of net jobs added in 2022 were held by women.

Many employers across energy technologies are reporting difficulties finding qualified workers, with more than four out of five reporting at least “some difficulty” and more reporting that it was “very difficult” to find workers. Some companies are taking proactive steps to fill gaps including partnering with others to build career development, exploration, and training centers.

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