Natel Energy hydropower turbine
Natel Energy, hydro turbine

The U.S. Department of Energy announced today an investment of more than $6.3 million for six research and development projects to improve fish passage and protection technologies and reduce the environmental impacts of hydropower on species and ecosystems.

The projects include:

Electric Power Research Institute‘s evaluation of the Fishheart Hydraulic Fishway for passing fish upstream at hydropower dams (Palo Alto, CA)

MarineSitu‘s Advanced Fish Passage Monitoring with automated optical tracking and classification (Seattle, WA)

Natel Energy‘s safe downstream fish passage: laboratory and field evaluation of Eastern U.S. migratory fish passage through Restoration Hydro Turbines (Alameda, CA)

Percheron Power’s demonstration and evaluation of a modular helical fish passage for low-head applications (Kennewick, WA)

University of California, Davis‘ effects of white sturgeon passage through a novel hydropower turbine and implications for long-term survival (Davis, CA)

University of Massachusetts, Amherst‘s novel D-cylinder fish ladder evaluation (Hadley, MA)

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