OCOchem Inc., a clean energy company in Tacoma, WA, was awarded $1.5 million to develop green portable energy generators and produce electro-fuels for use at the Port of Tacoma.

The grant awarded is among the latest round of $8.5 million in state Clean Energy Fund grants from the Washington State Department of Commerce, which recently identified 10 proposed research, development and demonstration projects to receive $8.5 million in Clean Energy Fund grants.

The projects represent the wide range of cutting edge research, development and demonstration projects.

The OCOchem project will demonstrate how recycled carbon dioxide, water and clean electricity can be converted into hydrogen fuel in a liquid carrier form that is easier, cheaper and safer to store and transport. This green energy can be used to replace the diesel-powered generators that keep refrigerated cargo containers cool while waiting to leave the port, which also benefits the surrounding community by reducing carbon emissions, airborne pollution and noise.

Other statewide and global partners in the project – which has an additional $2.5 million from OCOchem, based in Richland, WA, and other investors – include Tacoma Power, Washington Maritime Blue, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), Sacre-Davey Engineering, Johnston Engineering, and Det Norske Veritas.

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