To help customers prepare for outages, as well as provide services to the grid every day, East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) in Oakland, CA, has launched the Resilient Home program. Partnering with solar and storage developer Sunrun, the program aims to deploy over 1,000 battery backup systems, with five megawatts of residential storage capacity.

The program also enables residents to share power from their batteries with EBCE when the grid is operating normally. Customers can let Sunrun control their battery to export power to the grid to help manage peak demand, and earn a one-time payment of $1,250.

At least 20% of program installations will be located in disadvantaged and low-income communities, or serve customers on financial assistance programs or reliant on medical equipment. Since the program launched in August more than 700 residents in Alameda County have registered for the Resilient Home program to see if a new solar + battery backup system is a good fit for their home.

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