Occupation Description
Instrument Control/Relay Specialist (Generation and Load Dispatchers) Perform preventative and corrective electrical maintenance on equipment. Perform maintenance on high-voltage switchgear and electrical distribution or transmission, heating, and ventilating equipment.
Generation, Load and Substation Operators Operate all equipment both locally and remotely to safely, reliably and efficiently produce power. Write and issue equipment clearance to safely turn plant equipment over for maintenance.
Line Worker (Apprenticeship Preparation, Apprenticeship, and Incumbent Workers) Skilled workers having three (3) or more years experience in this trade to perform work on transmission and distribution lines. Required to operate all types of motor-driven equipment used in overhead, underground, and substation maintenance and construction work following equipment specific training.
Substation Wireman/Mechanics (Apprenticeship Preparation, Apprenticeship, and Incumbent Workers) Perform skilled journeyman level work in the repair, preventative maintenance, overhaul and rebuilding of a wide variety of transmission and distribution equipment.
Ground Crews (utility construction worker) Typically works in construction and maintenance of electrical distribution or transmission facilities. Under the supervision of journeyman lineman they assist with responsibilities on power transmission and distribution projects.