Occupation Description
Customer Service Reps Provides phone and online support for customers with questions about billing, service, conservation or other energy issues. Works with other team members to ensure customers receive assistance where needed.
Meter Technicians Perform preventative and corrective electrical maintenance on meters for residential, commercial, and industrial users. Installs new technology meters replacing old analog systems.
Energy Auditors Complete estimations and inspections for residential, commercial and industrial energy operations. Issue reworks for errors, omissions and workmanship problems and complete compliance inspections for Rehab/Weatherization as needed.
Energy Conservation Program Administrators Responsible for analyzing current energy usage and developing the energy management plan to provide proper environmental conditions with cost effective energy utilization; responsible for HVAC control and energy tracking computer system.
Resource Conservation Managers A Resource Conservation Manager (RCM) supports an organization’s energy and resource efficiency program. The RCM’s sole focus is to monitor and reduce expenditures for electricity, natural gas, fuel oil, propane, water & sewer, solid waste & recycling, and other resource expenditures. The RCM will develop, implement, monitor, evaluate and promote the most effective and efficient use of utility resources in order to minimize operating costs and promote environmental stewardship.