Energy Conservation Program Manager

Energy Conservation Program Manager

Energy Conservation Program Manager

What do they do?

Primary responsibilities include supporting and administering existing energy efficiency programs and peak demand reduction programs. This position requires advanced knowledge of energy using systems (lighting systems, HVAC and boilers) used in residential and/or commercial buildings. Detailed knowledge of energy use and measurement by various types of equipment and measurement systems is essential.

Career path

Energy Conservation Program Managers typically start with a bachelor’s degree and 1-3 years of experience in the energy field. With additional education or by becoming a Certified Energy Manager, the Energy Conservation Program Manager may move into a supervisory or management position, overseeing other Energy Conservation Program Managers.


The types of employers for this position are utility companies.


Bachelor of Science degree in Business or Engineering or equivalent functional experience (new building construction with a focus on sustainability or building energy efficient retrofits). Most training is offered within utility companies in the form of in-person classes on emerging topics such as new appliances, rebates and efficiencies.

Educational programs

See our College Programs resource guide for energy industry educational programs.