Electronics Technician

Electronics Technician

Electronics Technician

What do they do?

Electronics Engineering Technicians work with engineers to plan, design, evaluate, solve technical problems, and improve the performance of electronic related equipment, processes, and facilities.  Electronics Engineering Technicians install and maintain electrical control systems and equipment, and modify electrical, parts, and assemblies to correct problems. They test systems, set up test equipment and evaluate the performance of developmental parts, assemblies, or systems under simulated conditions.

Career path

Electronics Technician is the entry-level position in the electronics field. Electronics Techs usually need a 4-year degree to advance as Electrical Engineers.


The types of employers for this position are private companies, utility companies, and contractors.


Electronics technicians usually earn a 2-year Associates Degree at a community or technical college.  Certificate programs can typically be completed in a year or less and may be an option for individuals who already have a related degree or other training.  Coursework including digital electronics, robotics, lasers, microprocessors, and electric controls is strongly preferred by employers. Typical starting salaries in this field range from $30-50k.

Educational programs

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