Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representative

What do they do?

Customer service representatives provide high quality customer care for a wide variety of incoming calls by focusing on customer needs. They use effective listening and positive communication to resolve customer needs and concerns. This position involves working on the phone for long periods of time and the ability to handle multiple priorities in a contact center environment. Extremely well developed interpersonal, problem solving, verbal and written communication, and conflict management skills are essential to success in this position.

Career path

From the CSR position, one may move laterally into a Billing Rep position or up into enhanced CSR roles such as Analyst; Quality Assurance Specialist; Trainer; Specialty Commercial; Team Leaders; and Manager.


The types of employers for this position are utility companies and contractors.


This entry level position requires 2-4 years of customer service related work and demonstrated proficiency with MS Office Suite, Outlook and the internet. A degree or certificate is not required by most companies for this position, but postsecondary education or training enhances employability of the candidate and potential for career mobility. Monthly trainings are offered on likely call topics, such as high bills and seasonal issues.

Educational programs

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