Renewable Energy Technician

Renewable Energy Technician

Renewable Energy Technician

What do they do?

Renewable Energy Technicians can work in a variety of entry-level positions in renewable energy manufacturing, installation, site evaluation, and service industries. Specific subjects can include wind turbines, solar generation installations, hydro generators, batteries, or energy efficiency projects. Each discipline within this field will have varying job duties depending on the subject but usually will include equipment installation, maintenance, and repair.

Career path

Renewable Energy Technicians who are able to keep pace with continual changes in renewable technology are able to advance to more skilled positions within their specific field.


Renewable Energy Technicians are employed by a wide range of employers, including private companies, government agencies, utility companies, and contractors.


Depending on the specific job, Renewable Energy Technicians need a high school diploma and some combination of on-the-job training and/or education. Skilled positions will require a 2-year Associate Degree.

Educational programs

See our College Programs resource guide for energy industry educational programs in Solar or Wind.