Meter Technician

Meter Technician

Meter Technician

What do they do?

Meter Techs are often known by customers as the “face” of their utility company. Work involves testing, fixing and analyzing data for automated meters. Minimum requirements include a high school diploma or GED, as well as vocational training in electronics technology. Many employers will require previous experience in the field, as well as experience with radio-frequency-related electronic hardware. Responsibilities include testing, repairing and monitoring automated electrical meters. This may include logging meter data and reporting statistics to ensure proper functioning of automated meters.

Career path

The Meter Tech/Meter Reader position is an entry level position typically located in the Customer Service department. Meter Techs can apply and move into a Meter Electrician apprenticeship. The Meter Electrician position is several steps above the Meter Reader position.


The types of employers for this position are utility companies.


Due to the complexity of electronic technology, position often requires experience in the field and with radio-frequency-related electronic hardware. Meter Techs are being phased out as automated metering systems come online so training is offered to help Meter Techs transition into other roles within the utilities.

Educational programs

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