DoC Grant: Academy of Energy Entrepreneurism (AEE)


10/01/2012 – 06/30/2014

Academy of Energy Entrepreneurism Best Practices Summary (final report), June, 2014

Total Project Value
DOC/Non-DOC Share
$87,948/ $87,948

The Pacific Northwest Center of Excellence for Clean Energy is the recipient of a U.S. Department of Commerce technical assistance grant in the amount of $87,948 (leveraged to $175,896) to coordinate the development and implementation of the Academy of Energy Entrepreneurism (AEE). The project will assist energy technology students who have an interest in starting their own business or have an innovative energy related design idea. Founding partner community colleges include Centralia College, Peninsula College and Grays Harbor College.

The Entrepreneur Institute Program offered at Peninsula College in Port Angeles, Wash., will be tailored into an online format to provide a flexible means for participants to access business development services. As a result, students taking part in the new entrepreneurial program will have accelerated opportunities to utilize information about marketplace trends, new and emerging technologies, effective business practices, and foundational energy technology knowledge. Students successfully completing the program will be awarded a Technical Entrepreneurial Certificate.

See Energy & Innovation Entrepreneurship flier for details.

The AEE Advisory Committee, comprised of business and economic development experts, will guide the development and implementation of the program, review program implementation throughout the period of the grant and will assist in the evaluation process. Areas of discussion will include: program design; key challenges associated with implementation; accomplishments associated with the purposed tasks, and lessons learned or promising practices/challenges emerging in the program.

AEE Advisory Committee Members Include:

  • Rick Jackson, Greater Grays Harbor, Inc., AEE Advisory Committee Chair
  • Ryan Davis, Regional Education and Training Center, Satsop Campus
  • Jim Lowery, Centralia College Trustee
  • Brian Kuh, Craft3 in Port Angeles
  • Sara Bowles, Lewis Economic Development Council Energy Program Manager

The project will also evaluate the AEE pilot program, develop a best practices manual and actively disseminate key findings to the Washington State Community and Technical Colleges (CTCs). Using the information gathered and experience gained, the project will offer technical assistance to CTCs to implement the AEE Program. It will also provide a hub of entrepreneurial expertise that can be delivered seamlessly to other technical college programs and business development incubators throughout Washington state.

AEE Advisory Committee Meetings

2014 Meeting Minutes
April 9, 2014
2013 Meeting Minutes
October 2013
April 2013