Solar Photovoltaic Technician

Solar Photovoltaic Technician

Solar Photovoltaic Technician

What do they do?

Job duties for Solar Photovoltaic Technician/Manufacturer will depend on the specific discipline in which they work.  The manufacture of Photovoltaic panels involves several types of skilled workers including: electronics technicians, CNC operators, and glaziers.  Each discipline within this field will have varying job duties relating to a specific job task within the production of photovoltaic panels.

Career path

Solar PV Technicians include several distinct positions that cover the completion of panel assembly/manufacturing.  Solar PV techs are able to advance to more skilled positions in the field by acquiring on-the-job-training and/or further education.


The typical employers for this position are solar panel manufacturing companies.


Solar Technicians need a high school diploma at a minimum, and some combination of on-the job training and/or education. A two year technical degree is preferred for the more skilled positions, while a certificate program can typically be completed in a year or less and may be an option for individuals who already have a related degree or other training.  Typical starting salaries in this field range from $30-50k.

Educational programs

See our College Programs resource guide for energy industry educational programs in Solar.