Career Lattice

Demand for Energy Jobs

The demand for energy is growing worldwide. With a focus on meeting that demand through the development of clean energy, improved efficiencies, and new Smart Grid technology, the energy field offers a range of exciting career options that are progressive, well-paid and in-demand.

The Career Lattice is intended to provide a roadmap for colleges that are designing programs in the energy field, for employers in the energy field to create training for incumbent workers, and for individual job seekers who are making plans to enter a career in energy.

A Career Lattice Is:

  • A framework for depicting relationships between and among jobs.
  • More complex than career ladder; includes a variety of entry and exit points, and lateral moves.
  • Includes information about training, certificates and job requirements.
  • Educators use lattice to identify career structures, training gaps and develop or improve programs.
  • Industry uses lattice to clarify career paths with new and incumbent workers, and to design internal training.
  • Workers and students can use a career lattice to navigate career options, training programs, and develop new skills.
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