Power Utility Training Consortium

The Power Utility Training Consortium was created in August 2015, as a partnership among power utility companies in the northwest that have a shared concern for future workforce development, quality and standards.

Mission Statement

A collaboration of Power Utility members that will share best practices, improve the quality of training & development, and keep up with changing industry standards.

Consortium Structure

Position Guidelines: These positions shall be one year appointments. To help ensure continuity, the Vice Chair shall become the Chair at the conclusion of their term as Vice Chair. The Chair and Vice Chair shall be from different utilities to ensure objectivity in strategic direction.


  • Sets the agenda in collaboration with the host company.
  • Facilitate consortium meetings.
  • Follow up on consortium action items.
  • Monitoring Strategic and annual operational plans and goals with Consortium members.
  • Contact point for the consortium.

Vice Chair:

  • Back up facilitator if the Chair is not available.
  • Also leads on assigned action items.
  • Oversees subcommittees.


  • Maintains and distributes minutes from the meeting.
  • Maintains member contact list.
  • Works with hosts to organize consortium meetings.
  • Taking minutes at all meetings/maintain historical documentation.

Consortium Members:

  • Participate in consortium and appropriate committees
  • Provide input to consortium initiatives and potential opportunities.

Members and Officers

PJ LeCompte, Bonneville Power Administration, Chair

Army Corps of Engineers, Robin Floyd
Avista, Jeremy Gall
Avista, Terry Knight
Avista, Lauren Huckaba
Bonneville Power Administration, Gary Marx
Centralia City Light, Micah Goo
Centralia City Light, M.L. Norton
Centralia College, Barbara Hins-Turner
Clark PUD, Ben Feliz
Clark PUD, Michael Getman
Grant County PUD, Melanie Beck
Idaho Power, Billy Roeder
Lewis County PUD, Jim Womble
Portland General Electric, Thomas Van Hoon
Portland General Electric, Chief Corpus
Portland General Electric, Janna Sondenaa
Puget Sound Energy, Cuong Luu
Puget Sound Energy, Erik McCoy
Puget Sound Energy, Troy Nutter
Seattle City Light, Tauna Hood
Seattle City Light, Bridgett Bascomb
Snohomish PUD, Julie Mainstone
Snohomish PUD, Carlos Tostado
Tacoma Power, Sheryl Brown
Tacoma Power, Rob Collins
WAPA, Bob Larson

Meeting Minutes and Agendas

Committees and Primary Objectives

Strategic Objective: Responsible for the overall direction, goal setting and interests of the consortium.

Recruitment Objective: Responsible for recruitment and vetting of potential consortium members.

Membership: Representatives of regional power utilities with a focus on craft training.


It is the responsibility of the contributor of any material and/or resources to the consortium to verify with their employer the legality of the aforementioned contribution.

Consortium members understand and agree to abide by any copyright, proprietary claims and/or trademarks that may apply to contributed materials and/or resources.

Furthermore, consortium members agree to only use information, data, curriculum, etc. as reference material and will not reproduce or distribute contributed materials in whole or in part without the consent of the material owners.