Energy Efficiency Analyst

Energy Efficiency Analyst

Energy Efficiency Analyst

What do they do?

Energy Efficiency Analysts manage and analyze efficiency data to support energy efficiency efforts. These efforts can include energy savings, predicting future savings, informing proposals to increase energy efficiency, or improving existing programs.


Energy Efficiency Analysts typically require a degree in an energy related field and some experience in the field. Coursework typically include physics, math, and economics. The entry-level position of Energy Auditor is one way to build experience in this field.

Career Path

Energy Efficiency Analysts can advance in this field by building skills in areas such as computer coding, advanced data analysis software, and technical knowledge.


Energy Efficiency Analysts are employed by a wide range of employers including, private companies, government agencies, and utility companies. Typical starting salaries in this field range from $60 – 80k.

Educational programs

See our College Programs resource guide for energy industry educational programs in Energy Efficiency and Bachelor’s Degree Programs.