Hydro Mechanic Diver

Hydro Divers are responsible for maintaining, repairing, replacing and testing mechanical equipment primarily at hydro dams. The mechanics make periodic inspections and perform preventative maintenance tasks in an effort to prevent unexpected breakdowns. The generation mechanics posse a multitude of skills ranging from hydro turbine repair, fish ladder maintenance, pump repair, welding, machining, rigging, fabrication, hard hat diving, and crane operation of mobile or bridge cranes.


$171,010 in Washington,
$49,980 in U.S. through 2028


High School Diploma,
Associate or College Degree


20 in Washington,
500 in U.S. through 2026

Education & Training


The generation mechanic apprentice requires 6000 hours (3-years) of on-the-job training + an additional minimum classroom time of 144 hours per year. After completing the apprenticeship program, one becomes a Journey Level Generation Mechanic.


The types of employers for this position are utility companies and diving contractors.


Two years trade school with technical emphasis or comparable college coursework is desired. Typically requires six months work history demonstrating mechanical aptitude and ability to perform physically demanding work in a construction or maintenance environment. Utility companies provide on-going training for journey level workers to keep employees current on new equipment, procedures and safety.

College Programs

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Additional Information

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